Springtime in the Shawangunk Mountains and Mohonk, Minnewaska trails

The trails of the Shawangunk Mountains and Mohonk, Minnewaska are alive with spring. On the ridge overlooking New Paltz, greenery is spreading over the mountain which saw very little snow and signs of winter. The cross country skiing was replaced by winterlong mountain biking in the gunks. Many of the predatory birds are migrating early this year as it seems winter is coming to an early close. There may be some snow filled days coming in the end of March, but we are almost to the warm days of 2016.  Trails that are particularly nice this time of year are the upper and lower Awosting Carriage Roads. Wild flowers such as Mountain Laurel and Rhododendron start to bloom. We see flocks of wild turkeys in the early morning hours. Hikers to Minnewaska lake will often see deer with their new fawns, while bikers and hikers at the Mohonk preserve will see woodchucks, assorted ground rodents and many snakes that will be out sunbathing, especially on the trail to duck pond.